The GodPod: Ancient Wisdom Still Relevant Today at WWU

Nowadays it seems like people can’t go anywhere without their iPods. Their sacred collection of favorite songs is always by their side ready to be called on when needed.

William Woods University Chaplain Travis Tamerius is hoping the same holds true for GodPod.

Tamerius has started an innovative program, GodPod, on the WWU campus. Tamerius wants to show students just how relevant ancient scripture and wisdom from the Bible is today.

Each week at the university’s chapel service, Tamerius takes a famous story from the Bible and retells it. Then he discusses how it relates to today in music, movies, poetry and television.

The idea of GodPod began in late December during a trip to the Cotton Bowl Tamerius took with his father. For the drive, they brought along an iPod with 22 hours of music from 1955 to 2007, essentially all the hits. This got him thinking about how the Bible really wasn’t much different from their playlist.

“Everyone has their favorite songs; similarly we all have our favorite parts of the Bible. GodPod, is aimed at retelling the most memorable stories of the Bible, the ones most frequently turned to, in a contemporary setting. I want them to hear theses ancient stories with fresh ears,” said Tamerius.

He further explained, “This semester in chapel, we will ‘listen’ to some of the greatest hits of the Bible, the stories which have stayed alive through the ages, capturing the imagination of many and stretching the landscape of the mind and heart… stories such as Jacob’s all-nighter, Joseph’s series of tragic and unfortunate events, David’s spring fling, the beauty queen’s quick wit and the prodigal son’s road trip. Additionally, we’ll consider how our own stories connect with those that have been passed down.”

Chapel service takes place on Thursday at 1 p.m. in Thurmond Chapel.