SWAT Team Forms to Enhance WWU Website

Updating websites requires both dedicated effort and technological expertise. Eight students at William Woods University are putting their talents to use in a new organization called Student Website Advancement Team (SWAT).

Organized by Dr. Linda Davis, professor of management information systems at WWU, SWAT works with faculty to update department web pages. Several students had worked with faculty last year, and there was a need for more website assistance.

The eight-member team consists of: Bradley Prasuhn of Farmington, David Harris of Columbia, Carla Schrock of Holts Summit, Stacie Bonte of Fenton, Kendra Propst of Jefferson City, Derek Ewing of Mokane, Scott Thompson of St James and Brandon Stallo of Salisbury.

“The club will help students involved gain website experience and be more efficient at web design. SWAT will benefit the students by assisting faculty post more information online,” said Bonte.

Faculty now have the resources to keep their department web pages current and include information helpful to students, such as necessary classes for that major or special interest clubs. SWAT members will gain job experience by working with faculty, and faculty will be able to keep their web pages full, to the benefit of students.

“It is imperative that we provide students with experiences beyond the classroom that expand on their abilities, ideas and ambitions,” says Davis. “How fortunate SWAT can provide that opportunity while providing the university with a valuable service.”

The program follows one of WWU’s goals for students, to gain the necessary skills to succeed in the work place. By allowing students the opportunity to work with faculty, they are gaining valuable experience that will further prepare them for their careers.