Summer Programs Aim to Give Students Jump Start on College

William Woods University will offer two programs this summer for students who would like to get a jump start on college.

The first is a new two-week program called Summer at the Woods that will be offered June 18-30. This program is designed for high school students who have completed their junior year and wish to earn college credit during the summer. The program is directed and taught by WWU faculty members.

Students must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and recommendation from their guidance counselor, principal, or another school administrator to participate.

During the program, students will earn four credits. Students will take a three- credit course “Ethics in a Modern Society” and will also complete a one-credit course either in American Sign Language, sport psychology, personal training or entrepreneurship.

Along with the college work, students will also experience college life. They will participate in several activities, including rock climbing, paintball, volleyball, cookouts and a weekend kayaking adventure.

WWU is also offering a three-week program called Freshman Advantage. The program, already in its third year, will be offered July 10-28 on the WWU campus. It is also directed and taught by WWU faculty members.

Freshman Advantage is for first-time college freshmen, and is designed to aid in transition to college.

Students will earn seven common studies credit hours, meet friends from their incoming class, bond with upper-class mentors, connect with members of the faculty and staff, and learn their way around the campus and the community.

They will also have opportunities to enjoy such activities as an ice cream social, movie night and ropes course. Students will also have retreats to such places as Worlds of Fun or Six Flags and Lake of the Ozarks.

“Freshman Advantage was a great starter program for an out-of-state prospective student,” said Shireen Zandi of Trussville, Ala. “It is a great way to get a jump start, as well as getting better acquainted with college life.” Zandi participated the first year of the program.

Elle Dudley of Naples, Fla., attended Freshman Advantage last summer and thought it was the smartest thing she could have done.

“The most important thing Freshman Advantage helped me with, was making some friends, friends that I can guarantee I’ll have until I graduate,” said Dudley. “Freshman Advantage was a great decision and was certainly an advantage for me.”

Chris Hostetter of Denver, Colo., appreciated that Freshman Advantage gave him an upper hand over the rest of his class.

“I already knew the campus and several professors, and it was nice to know where to go if I needed something,” said Hostetter, who attended in 2004.

Parents, too, like Freshman Advantage.

“Freshman Advantage is an amazing program,” said Peggy Presley of St. Louis, whose daughter, Morgan, participated two years ago. “It provided our daughter not only an excellent orientation to college life, but also a realistic introduction to college course work. We are totally convinced that the program was a ‘perfect fit’ for our daughter.”

Students in both programs will be housed in a WWU residence hall and will eat in the WWU dining hall.

For more information or to obtain an application for Summer at the Woods, contact Dr. Marshall Robb at (573) 592-1645 or For more information or to obtain an application for Freshman Advantage, contact Dr. Aimee Sapp at (573) 592-4391 or