Students Named Distinguished Scholars

Twenty-four William Woods University seniors were named
Distinguished Scholars during WWU’s Academic Convocation April 24. They are:
  • Naomi Starr of Columbia, Mo.,
  • Sharon Mehl of Higginsville,
    Mo., ASL/Interpreting
  • Erica Begley of Hannibal, Mo.,
    Art Education
  • Amy Gangloff of Wellsville, Mo.,
    Athletic Training
  • Allyson Hawkins of Tucson,
    Ariz., Biology
  • Alexis Scott of Mapleton, Ill.,
  • Lucas Watson of Louisiana, Mo.,
  • Ilana Archuleta of Fulton, Mo.,
    Business Administration
  • Olivia Koselansky of Sterling
    Heights, Mich., Business Administration
  • Naomi Starr of Columbia, Mo.,
    Business Administration
  • Tina Eisterhold of Linn, Mo.,
    Elementary Education
  • Jessica Zink of Crocker, Mo.,
    Elementary Education
  • Olivia Parsons of New Haven,
    Mo., English and English Education
  • Jacque Franco of San Diego, Calif.,
    Equestrian Science
  • Danielle Moritz of Algonquin,
    Ill., Equine General Studies
  • Jacob Harrison of Fulton, Mo.,
    Exercise Science
  • Jesse Young of Fulton, Mo.,
    Exercise Science
  • Kelsey Dunavant of Fulton, Mo.,
    Graphic Design
  • Rachel Rutter of Columbia, Mo.,
  • Tanner Edwards of Tipton, Mo.,
    Management Information Systems
  • Kelsey Sanders of Jefferson
    City, Mo., Physical Education
  • Rachel Graves of Liberty, Mo.,
  • Stephanie Chism of Sturgeon,
    Mo., Social Work
  • Cheryl Held of Wildwood, Mo.,
    Sports Management
  • Catherine Runge of St. Louis,
    Mo., Theatre

The faculty of various disciplines at William Woods
have the opportunity each spring to designate graduating seniors as
Distinguished Scholars. A minimum grade point average of 3.4 is required, but
the faculty may consider other relevant academic factors and variables in the
selection process.