Student collaborates with professor to create art for grandson’s book

Terry Martin’s collection of short stories and life lessons
for his young grandson were the basis for a William Woods University student’s
art projects throughout her senior year.

Erica Begley, a May graduate from Hannibal, Mo., collaborated
with Martin, WWU professor of art, on a mentor/mentee project that not only
resulted in art for Martin’s book, but also an art exhibit at Well Read in
downtown Fulton, Mo. 
The bookstore exhibit showcases 30 pieces of the art Martin
and Begley created for Martin’s new book, “Out of the Mouth of the First Fish:
Stories for Samuel.”  The display will be
up through May 24.
The works include paintings, drawings, graphics, photography
and film. Together the variety of media make up a comparative analysis matched
to a series of Martin’s stories. Through his storytelling and photographs, he
is sharing life experiences for his young grandson to read as he grows older.
Begley interprets Martin’s narrative into her point of view
through various media. The result is a multifaceted project with themes of
spirituality, nature and life that can be viewed as singular pieces and stories
or experienced together as an interactive and interconnected journey.
“In the past four years I have been blessed to know Terry as
a professor, adviser, mentor and friend. He has an incredible passion for
creating with deep appreciation of nature and admirable dedication to his
students and those around him,” Begley says in the foreword of the book.

“‘Out of the Mouth of the First Fish is a collection of Terry’s
real-life experiences intertwined with spiritual and inspirational messages
stemming from his own innate beliefs. As an experienced fisherman and talented
artist, Terry combines all his talents and passions to create relatable and
encouraging stories that remind the reader to reflect on their own lives,
experiences, and spiritual gifts.”

Well Read bookstore is located on Court Street.  Recently renovated, it provides a wide
variety of new and used books, as well as a place for local students to study
and relax.
For more information on Martin’s book or to view the complete
interactive project, visit
Erica Begley, Terry Martin, Danielle Warren, Brian Warren and
J.J. the cat sit on the steps at Well Read, a bookstore owned by the Warrens in
downtown Fulton. A display of art by Begley and Martin, including that on the
stairway, will be up through May 24. 
Terry Martin holds his grandson, Samuel, for whom he has
written and illustrated a book to read as he grows older.  Samuel is the son of Martin’s son, Patrick.
Terry Martin explains one of the illustrations during a
recent event at Well Read, a bookstore in downtown Fulton.