Student Alumni Council Expands Leadership Opportunities

Eight students are the new leaders of the Student Alumni Council at William Woods University.


Student Alumni Council (SAC) is lead by the presidents of each class. Senior class president is Vanessa Thomas, a business major from St. Charles, Mo. Junior class president, Liza Payne, is a communications major from Zionsville, Ind. Drew Neudecker, a management information systems major from Alton, Ill., is the sophomore class president.


Carmen Watchinski, a junior biology major from Columbia, Mo., is the treasurer. Andrea Weed, a sophomore biology major from Peculiar, Mo., is the publicity chair. Addie Miller, a senior equestrian science major from Watertown, Minn., is the secretary.


Anna Farha, a sophomore communications major from Oklahoma City, Okla., and Madeline Ortego, a sophomore undeclared major from Fayetteville, Ark., are the co-coordinators of finals snacks and outstanding students projects.


Officers of SAC at are responsible for planning and organizing events that help students and alumni interact, as well as help students make the transition from student to alumnus. The council is also responsible for raising school spirit and community awareness of William Woods.


Until this year, the class presidents were the only SAC officers. Due to growing responsibilities, four new positions were added to offer more leadership opportunities and assist in the running of the organization. These positions are treasurer, publicity, secretary and finals snacks/outstanding student coordinator.