Southern Boone fourth-graders provide lesson for WWU students

Fourth-graders in the Southern Boone County School District
recently had an opportunity to study and “teach” on a college campus.
Students of Karen Pfingsten visited William Woods University
April 24. The class was selected to visit WWU
to model what a regular classroom looks like to students who are studying the field of education.
“I am so pleased and
honored that our
room was selected to
display what an excellent classroom looks and sounds like,” Pfingsten said.
While at William Woods, the class focused on learning about Westward
Expansion. The students were challenged to look at the spread of the
country from both
settlers’ and the Native Americans’ point of view.  
“We then discussed the pros and cons of this movement,” Pfingsten
said. “Students read diary excerpts from individuals alive during this time
get a first-hand account of the period.”
After the lesson on the Westward Movement, the class worked on geometry, utilizing the technology at WWU to access their book, online activities and
a quiz.  They
also identified and described various geometric figures seen around
lunch, the students took a short tour of the campus
and then returned to Ashland.
Southern Boone
fourth-graders pose in front of a
welcome sign at William Woods University.