Sophomore Presents Chemistry Research at KU

William Woods University student Todd Lewis, a Kingdom City resident, recently presented his chemistry research work at the Midwest Regional American Chemical Society Meeting at the University of Kansas (KU).

The KU chemistry department issued an open invitation for undergraduate and graduate students to submit abstracts of their chemistry research. Lewis responded and was accepted to present his poster, “The Temperature Dependent Conductance of Solid Acids,” at the October meeting.

Joseph Pavelites, William Woods assistant professor of chemistry, accompanied Lewis. Pavelites said that participation in the society’s meeting “advertises the opportunities that our science students at WWU have to do new science (research).”

He also points out that such meetings give students the chance to discuss their work with other students and top professionals in the field of science.

As part of an independent study in chemistry research, Lewis, a sophomore biology major, has conducted research since last summer over the properties of solid acids, one of the materials used in a new kind of fuel cell. Fuel cells are battery-like devices used to produce electricity cleanly and efficiently.