Software Company Makes Donation to WWU Education Division

Inspiration Software, Inc. recently donated nearly $2,000 in educational software to the William Woods University education division for use in teacher education classes. This is on top of a $3,400 in-kind donation made two years ago.

Inspiration Software®, Inc. is recognized as the leader in visual thinking and learning. The company develops and publishes innovative software tools that inspire learners of all ages to brainstorm, organize, plan and create.

According to Roger Wen, assistant professor of education, the software will allow the education faculty to better prepare their students to work in school districts that utilize this software.

Included are three types of software:

• InspireData™, which extends visual learning to data analysis

• Inspiration®, which allows students to create graphic organizers and expand topics into writing

• Kidspiration®, which is created for K-5 learners, allows students to combine pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information. Younger learners develop early literacy skills, and more ad