Senator McCaskill to Host Town Hall Forum at WWU

McCaskillU.S. Senator Claire McCaskill will be at William Woods University Thursday (Sept. 9) to host a town hall forum. It is scheduled for 1-2 p.m. in Aldridge Lounge. WWU President Jahnae H. Barnett will introduce the senator.


McCaskill received an honorary doctorate from William Woods University in 2009 when she was the May commencement speaker. Her mother, grandmother and aunt are all WWU graduates.


The senator said she plans to talk about efforts to address the deficit and get the country’s fiscal house back in order. She is traveling across the state hosting town hall forums to gather input and listen to the concerns of Missourians, as well as discuss her efforts to control spending in Washington.


Visit McCaskill’s website to sign up to attend the Fulton forum or contact the Columbia office at 573-442-7130 for additional information.


Given the impact rising deficits will have on Missourians, McCaskill said she is committed to ensuring the government find ways to curb spending during these difficult economic times.


Most recently, McCaskill garnered GOP support for a bipartisan amendment she introduced with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that wouldcap discretionary spending growth over the next three years.


In addition to her discretionary spending caps amendment, McCaskill has led efforts to end the earmarking process. Although it is a small part of the budget, it contributes to billions of taxpayer dollars being distributed to pet projects. She has aggressively advocated for merit- based distribution of taxpayer funds through competitive grants and formula funding as an alternative to earmarks.


McCaskill also introduced legislation to reinstate the Pay-As-You-Go rules that were in effect in the 1990s, which require any new entitlement spending or tax cuts to be deficit-neutral.  Congress has since passed a Pay-As-You-Go law very similar to the bill she introduced.   


Constituents are encouraged to register for the town hall events. Depending on the turn-out, there may be more people wishing to attend the event than there is capacity.  Seating may be limited and will be first-come, first-served.  Individuals with disabilities who require auxiliary aids or services to participate in this event should contact the Columbia office at 573-442-7130.