Rotary Youth Leadership Academy to Meet at WWU

William Woods University will
host the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) June 26 -29.

Missouri students who have
finished their sophomore year of high school are eligible to attend RYLA. Each student is
sponsored by their home Rotary Club, which has worked with other
community-oriented organizations to find candidates with hearts for service.
RYLA emphasizes leadership,
citizenship and personal growth, and aims to demonstrate Rotary’s respect and
concern for youth, provide an effective training experience for selected youth
and potential leaders, encourage leadership of youth by youth and recognize publicly
young people who are rendering service to their community.
Students will participate in teambuilding and awareness
activities, as well as service projects and self evaluation, to learn the
ideals of service—global and community awareness and service through high,
fair, ethical standards and through personal relationships.
“Our goal
is to offer our participants a transformational experience.  Although we
want them to have a good time while at the academy, we are clear about
 not being the
primary reason we are together,” said Rachel Russell,
director of programming for the Missouri RYLA Academy

“We hope
that through the curriculum and through the modeling of adult Rotarian and
non-Rotarian participants, our teens will leave having experienced a
transformation in their thinking and in their hearts regarding service.” 
added, “We hope they will enter their adult lives seeing service as a way of
life that naturally emerges from a commitment of their hearts; see
themselves as connected citizens of their communities, nation and world. 
We hope they take in the message, ‘It is not about me,’ and embrace the motto
of Rotary International, ‘Service above Self.”
For more information, contact Russell at (816)537-5099 or