Riders Do Well at Janian Horse Show

Equestrian students from William Woods University did well at the Janian Horse Show recently. Riders at the show were coached by Gayle Lampe, professor of equestrian science. Results were:

Kristen Lorence of Eden Prairie, Minn., on Cease the Moment received at 1st, two 2nds and a 4th.

Megan Heintz of Hampton, Ill., on Colossal received a 1st.

Suzanne Johnson of Aurora, Ill., on Night of Romance received three 3rds and a 4th.

Jessica Damm of Pleasant Prairie, Wis., on Sparhawk received two1sts

Jessica Tierney of Minooka, Ill., on Sandbox Captain received a 1st and a 2nd.

Alex Willie-Irmiter of St. Paul, Minn., on Superfine’s Hobo received a 2nd.

Jenilee Shippee of Danielson, Conn., on Tonight’s Dream received a 2nd.

Hillary Senecal of Johnsonville, N.Y., on Desert’s Supreme Cowboy received a 5th.

Lauren McMichael of Houston, Texas, on Chief of Red Oak received a 3rd.

Katie Watson of Indianapolis, Ind., on Hip Hop’s New Rhythm received a 5th.

Julie Kidrowski of Clara City, Minn., on Who Ah received a 1st.

Jackie Ware of Duluth, Ga., on MJK Seize Command received a 1st.

Sarah Krueger of Blue Springs, Mo., on Auhl That Jazz received a 3rd.

Morgan Shindler of Fulton on RM Sea Sultan received a 1st.