Raising awareness of poverty on $1.25 a day

Three men who survived
on $1.25 a day, while trying to raise awareness poverty in the United States,
Europe and Africa will speak and show their documentary at William Woods University.

Lehr, Dan Parris and David Peterka will visit campus Monday, Oct. 24, to show
and talk about their documentary, “Give a Damn?”  The film will be shown at 7 p.m. in the
library auditorium.

will also speak at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, in the library auditorium about the
non-profit organization he founded called “When the Saints.” He will also share
his experiences on his travels throughout Africa since the making of the
documentary and his fight to defend, rescue and maintain the rights of the
weak, poor and oppressed.

events are sponsored by the International Justice Mission (IJM) and the Office
of Multicultural Affairs.

Carter, IJM adviser and director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, said,
“I wanted to show what people in the United States and around the world go through
on a daily basis.” 

working on the documentary, Parris and Lehr were in a single engine plane,
getting some aerial shots of the slums in Africa, when it crashed. They
survived, but the pilot was killed on impact. Despite the plane crash, they
decided to continue with their mission and finish the movie.

a Damn?” was meant to raise awareness of the lack of human rights of not just
those in Africa, but those oppressed and poor who are right here in our own
country. One of the messages “Give a Damn?” sends is what happens everywhere,
happens to us; we are all connected.

three men thought about others at a time in their lives when people their age
were thinking of getting married and starting a career.

 “It is important for everyone to understand
that no matter their financial situation, there is always something they can do
to help those who may be less fortunate.” Carter said.

more information, contact Carter at tamara.carter@williamwoods.edu
or 573-592-4358.