Preschoolers Learn About Chemistry at WWU

Some 3, 4 and 5 year olds had a science lesson Tuesday, courtesy of William Woods University organic chemistry students.

The class at WWU invited the children from Fulton Preschool to their lab to show them some experiments.

During the time the kids were at the lab, the college students entertained them with an erupting volcano, and several hands-on activities that included the children putting a carnation in food coloring to take home to their parents.

“It was so much fun,” Lynn Frydrych, a junior American Sign Language interpreting major from Butternut, Wis., said. “We all had a blast!”

Each of the 10 organic chemistry students researched the different experiments for the children to do. They planned everything and conducted the activities themselves.

“It was a total success,” said Joe Kyger, instructor of chemistry. “All of the organic chemistry students enjoyed the opportunity to entertain the preschool students, and the preschool students were definitely entertained.”

Sue Beaty, lead teacher at Fulton Preschool, said, “It was a wonderful experience enjoyed by both the preschoolers and the college students who invited us. The project was very organized and went smoothly.”

She added, “It was definitely a learning experience because when we returned to the preschool, we discussed the four experiments and what they taught us.”


Kathryn Best of Medicine Hat, Canada, helps preschoolers Ben Ray, A.J. Reid, Olivia Abbott-Havers and Hope Gowin, while Lynn Frydrych of Butternut, Wis., and Ashley Miller of Tebbetts, Mo., look on.