Preschool children learn about trees from William Woods students

“What kind of animals make their homes in trees?” That was
one of several questions posed to Fulton Preschool children recently by William
Woods University students.

Most of the answers were “spot on,” with the
youngsters naming birds and squirrels. However, one of the children jokingly tried
to tell the others that alligators live in trees.

As a service-learning project, members of the Knowing the
Woods Club at WWU recently presented a “Getting to Know Trees” program for the
children in the preschool located on campus. 
Kelcie Spradley of Fenton, Mo.,
president, and club member Anna Farha of Oklahoma City presented the
educational program for the youngsters.

Since it was so close to Christmas,
much of their presentation focused on Christmas trees, which delighted the
children. Among the things they learned was that it can take up to 15 years to grow an
average-sized Christmas tree.

The children wanted to know why
trees change during the winter, why some trees don’t lose their leaves, and why
“Christmas trees” stay green.  The
children also were interested in how a tree is used in every way, from being
used to make wood to everyday items they use themselves. 

This was the second year members of Knowing the Woods
presented a tree-related program to the youngsters as a service-learning
project. Spradley said group members are looking forward to planning and
participating in future events.
The preschoolers learned fun facts about trees from all over
the world and locally.  They also learned
about numerous products and items that are made from trees and that every part
of the tree is used for something – nothing is wasted. 

Additionally, the children learned about what
happens to trees during the winter season. 
The WWU students also assisted the youngsters
in drawing Christmas trees after the discussion.      

Kelcie Spradley (left) and Anna Farha make a
presentation about trees to children in Fulton Preschool.

Spradley helps youngsters draw Christmas trees.

Preschool children draw Christmas trees with assistance from Anna Farha.