Outstanding Greeks Honored at William Woods

Delta Gamma's Allie Malone was named Greek of the Year for WWU.
Delta Gamma’s Allie Malone was named Greek of the Year for WWU.

Every spring the Greek community at William Woods University honors those within their ranks who display excellence and service, both in and out of the classroom.

Outstanding sorority and fraternity members were honored at an awards ceremony last month. The Greek of the Year Award was presented to Delta Gamma’s Allie Malone of Chula Vista, Calif.

The Outstanding Member Award was given to Chi Omega’s Baily Peterson of Cedarburg, Wis.; Alpha Phi’s Rachel Sprayberry of Rockford, Ill.; Alpha Chi Omega’s Alicia Delaney of St. Peters, Mo.; Delta Gamma’s Vanessa Davidson of Center City, Minn.; Phi Gamma Delta’s Jaryd Kalvans-Beardsley of Jefferson City, Mo.; and Pi Kappa Alpha’s Dakota Linsenbardt of Jefferson City, Mo.

Winners of Outstanding Freshman awards were Phi Gamma Delta’s Steven Merriott of St. Peters, Mo.; Chi Omega’s Morgan Westhues of Fayette, Mo.; and Alpha Chi Omega’s Hannah Mansell of Jacksonville, Ill.

Phi Gamma Delta’s Lukas Woodman of Camp Point, Ill.; Alpha Phi’s Joanie Ryan of Longmont, Colo.; and Alpha Chi Omega’s Brandy Reagan of Montgomery City, Mo., won the Outstanding Sophomore awards.

Outstanding Junior Awards went to Pi Kappa Alpha’s Julian Taylor of York, England; Alpha Phi’s Sam Harris of Fredericktown, Mo.; and Chi Omega’s Lindsey Cornelius of Archie, Mo.

Outstanding Seniors were Linsenbardt; Chi Omega’s Amy Gibson of Kirksville, Mo.; and Delta Gamma’s Shannon Garcia of Los Lunas, N.M.

The Unsung Hero Award for sororities was given to Gibson; Alpha Chi Omega’s Elsa Stiles of Franklin, N.C.; Delta Gamma’s Taylor Rush of Savage, Minn.; Alpha Phi’s Katie Hodges of San Antonio, Texas, and Alpha Phi’s Addie Carion of Vancouver, Wash.

Phi Gamma Delta’s Steven Merriott of St. Peters, Mo., and Pi Kappa Alpha’s Bryan Mach of Marshall, Mo., received the Unsung Hero Award for fraternities.

The chapters individually chose the outstanding member and unsung hero awards. Then each chapter nominated two women and one man for each outstanding class award.  These awards, and Greek of the Year, were then chosen after an interview process with the Greek Council executive board.