New WWU Fight Song Created by Faculty Member

Murphy TetleyA William Woods University faculty member has created an official fight song to cheer the school’s teams to victory.


The song, which has been set to music, states in part, “On field and court with honor we play. . .Our Owls win the Woods Way.”


Murphy Tetley, WWU instructor of management information systems, wrote the words with his wife and used a software program to compose, publish and print the music.


“Green and White forever wave,” said Tetley, who has been teaching at WWU since 2006.


“I wanted to create something that would help evoke school spirit with something that everyone would know to use,” Tetley said. “I hope it will become as common and as popular on the WWU campus as other university fight songs are elsewhere.”


Tetley published the song on Oct. 1 and took it to the Central Methodist University band to help complete the project.


“Their band teacher, Skip Vandelicht, is from Fulton and his mother was the nurse at WWU for 20 years, so they are real familiar with William Woods. We put the parts out one afternoon and they recorded it, so now we have a band playing the music,” said Tetley.


When it was all finished, he sent the song to WWU President Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett, who said, “I love, it’s great, that’s our fight song!” and gave him the approval to start teaching it to students.

                                                            WWU cheerleaders 

“I have had really good, positive feedback from the students and faculty,” said Tetley.


“It’s slowly starting to get recognized. They have been playing it at the basketball games when the teams come out, and the cheerleaders are trying to create a routine to it.”


Tetley added, “This is a really huge step in our maturity, our evolution. We now are a coed university with 900 students on campus. We have great student athletes, a great faculty and staff, and this fight song will help heighten the spirit of the university. Go Owls!!”




William Woods University cheerleaders are helping to promote the school’s new fight song.


Murphy Tetley, creator of the new WWU fight song.