New MED Certification Program

Recognizing the shortage of certified teachers in Missouri public schools, William Woods University is providing an innovative new program: a Master of Education with Certification.

The graduate-level program allows those with bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education to become certified to teach in secondary or middle schools. The course of study involves both undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Master of Education with Certification requires three to six pre-requisite courses before entering the graduate-level program.

All applicants for the master’s with certification must meet these requirements:
a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, a 2.80 undergraduate GPA, 21 hours of coursework in the desired area of certification/concentration and a contract to teach in a school district under temporary certification from the state.

Before entering the graduate-level program, students will be required to pass the Praxis II examination in the content area in which certification is being sought.

Areas of certification offered by William Woods University include English, Mathematics, Social Science, Secondary Unified Science, Speech/theater, Secondary Art, Secondary Physical Education and Middle School Science.

Pre-requisite courses will be offered in the summer on the Fulton campus, with graduate courses offered throughout the year. For more information, contact Martha Wayne, Graduate & Adult Studies, 800-995-3199 or