New Film Minor: Selling Card for WWU, By Chrissy Burkholder ’06

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Film is a traditional way, especially for college students, to relax and be entertained. Now, students at William Woods University can enjoy the art of motion pictures while receiving college credit through a new film minor available this coming spring.

As the latest curriculum addition to the university, the film minor will be based out of the English department. It will require 18 total hours film classes, with half being upper level courses. Among the new classes being offered for the minor are Movies in America, Screen Writing, Film and Law and a unique topics course.

“It will be nice to have classes available for my interest in the motion picture industry; until now I have only been able to take a film-related class when offered every so often,” said Scott Irish, a junior from Boonville, Mo.

When she noticed an increased interest in film discussions during her classes, Sarah Riddick, assistant professor of English, asked her students their views towards a new film minor and she found the students “were very supportive and encouraging.”

After developing a proposal and submitting it through the proper channels, details regarding the new film minor were solidified. Now, the idea of a film major is being discussed. Riddick hopes the installation of this new minor is a step in that direction.

“Eventually I would like to merge various film courses with the communications department and their recently updated studio equipment in an effort to give students authentic exposure to the motion picture industry. My goal is to allow students the chance to write, create and produce their own films on campus,” she said.

With Riddick at the forefront, the new film minor promises to make a lasting impression on the university.

“I truly see this recent curriculum addition as a window of opportunity for our students, as well as, a unique and effective selling card for William Woods,” she said.