Missouri Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf to hold conference at WWU

The Missouri Registry of Interpreters
of the Deaf (MO-RID) will hold its annual conference at William Woods
University June 1-3. The conference expects 30-40 attendees, doubling its
attendance size from last year.
Hilari Scarl will be the presenter for all workshops during
the conference. Scarl is the director and producer of “See What I’m Saying, The
Deaf Entertainers Documentary,” an award-winning documentary that follows four
well-known entertainers in the deaf community: a comic, a drummer, an actor and
a singer as they overcome personal obstacles and celebrate professional

Scarl ‘s interest in the deaf community began in 1992 when she
started working in deaf theatre in New York, and was cast as a voicing actor
with the Tony Award winning National Theatre of the Deaf. She spent a year on
the road touring with “An Italian
Straw Hat” with an ensemble of 17 deaf actors that inspired “See What I’m Saying.”

Fluent in sign language, Scarl is a proud community partner
with the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) and advocates casting
deaf actors in mainstream roles.

The conference will begin Friday evening with registration and pizza
party on the WWU campus. Afterward, the delegates will move to the Missouri School
for the Deaf (MSD) campus theater for the preview of “See What I’m Saying, the
Deaf Entertainer’s Documentary.”

The documentary is being shown in conjunction with MSD Alumni
Weekend activities and to raise funds for the LEAD Institute of Columbia, a
non-profit organization committed to providing services to deaf and hard of
hearing individuals in the state of Missouri.
The conference will include  presenters Connie Herndon, the Registry of
Interpreters of the Deaf (RID) representative from Region 4, and Angela Hernton
of MO-RID Region 3. Herndon will speak about what is happening in Missouri and
encompass which direction the MO-RID membership wants to take on a variety of
topics facing interpreters today. Hernton will initiate a Missouri Interpreters
Certification System (MO MICS/RID ) Skills Level Standard discussion and
present various concerns of the membership.
The conference strives to provide workshops and promote camaraderie for Missouri interpreters. Others
attending are from as far away as South Dakota and Minnesota.

Sessions will include workshops such as “Voicing for
Everyone,” Part I and II and “Improvisation for Interpreters.”
“With our organization [MO-RID] just being two years old and
this being only our second conference, I feel that we are making great strides
in Missouri,” says Malissia Brooks, MO-RID Region 4 representative and MO-RID Interpreters
in Educational and Instructional Settings (IEIS) chair.
For more information on MO-RID or the conference, refer to the
site www.mo-rid.org.