Missouri Contemporary Ballet Amazes at WWU

Review by Haley Hinze
Photos by Kimberly Wall

Dance has taken over pop culture in recent years with shows
like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars.”
As a lifelong dancer, I hold a great respect for
professionals.  An extreme amount of time,
energy and athleticism go into this art, while making it look completely
The world of contemporary ballet has especially gained
popularity, taking the centuries-old technique and giving it a creative and
cutting-edge twist.  The Missouri Contemporary
Ballet Company took the stage at William Woods University Thursday and showed
students, faculty and area residents what this style of dance is all about.
MCB presented “Thirst,” a show containing six numbers that
encompassed the entire spectrum of contemporary dance from classical-inspired
pieces like “minore al maggiore” to the dark and edgy such as “S.O.S.” 
They took it to the next level with “Lenore,” homage to Edgar
Allen Poe’s “The Raven.”  This mainly
spoken piece had the darkness and intensity comparable to the choreography of
world-renowned dancer and instructor Mia Michaels. 
The show also included a solo by MCB dancer Elise
Eslick.  The Latin-infused piece, titled
“You Again,” showcased amazing technique and artistry as the story unfolded of
a girl recovering from a broken heart. 

The technique and emotion of the dancers combined with
excellent costume design and music choices to create an amazing show.  This has definitely been my favorite WWU
cultural events to date. 
I think everyone should watch some form of dancing in his or
her lifetime, and MCB, which usually performs just 30 minutes away in Columbia,
is a great way to experience the vast world of dancing.
For more information regarding Missouri Contemporary Ballet’s
dancers, as well as upcoming shows, visit MissouriContemporaryBallet.com.