Messing With Minds: Chris Carter Returns to WWU

Mentalist Christopher Carter is bringing his Mentalist Entertainment Event back to William Woods University. On Nov. 1, he will invite audience members to explore the mysteries of the mind, not only as observers, but as participants.

Carter will perform at 7:30 p.m. in Cutlip Auditorium of the McNutt Campus Center. His show is free and open to the public.

While blindfolded, Carter describes the personal objects held by viewers, sometimes even down to the serial numbers on pieces of currency. Using his powers of concentration, he causes a light bulb to explode into pieces, and illuminates another bulb solely with his mind. Sometimes during the show, he picks up mental impressions from audience members—facts that they may never have whispered to anyone.

Carter performed at WWU two years ago, and finished his show to resounding applause.

“It was a really neat thing to see,” said senior Nicole DeWoskin, who witnessed his original performance. “It’s something everyone should experience at least once, and it’s really cool that he’s coming back.”

Carter became interested in E.S.P. at the age of 8 when an uncle allowed him to sit in on a poker game. Observing the body language of the players, Carter discovered that people broadcast their thoughts, and their cards, in ways beyond words.

His interest in hypnotism was sparked a few years later during high school psychology class when a visiting lecturer gave him the suggestion that his body would become completely rigid. He was amazed when he was soon suspended like a board between two chairs.

During college he pursued degrees in both psychology and theatre, but it wasn’t until he was doing graduate work that he finally combined his two interests. He blended his humorous, theatrical style with stunning displays of psychological ability, and to great success.

Carter has appeared on “The Martin Short Show” and “The Danny and Marie Show,” and in 2005, he was honored by “Campus Activities Magazine” with the title of “Performing Entertainer of the Year.”

For more information, contact Kate Engemann at or (573) 592-4234.