Martin Donates Painting to Charity Auction

Terry Martin of Jefferson City has donated an original oil painting for the “Wings of Hope” Charity Art Dinner/Auction in St. Louis on Oct. 26. Martin is a professor of art at William Woods University, where he has taught since 1989.

“Wings of Hope” assists other charitable groups in combating malnutrition, disease and harsh living conditions in remote areas of the world. In places where the terrain is rugged, roads impassable and travel by boat or oxen is too slow, an airplane from Wings of Hope can transport ill and injured people quickly and safely to clinics and hospitals.

“I learned of Wings of Hope from a colleague who directed me to the ‘Wings of Hope’ website, where I learned about the work the charity has already done,” Martin said. “I wanted to help in some way, and continued to explore the site and learned of the upcoming art auction. By donating an original piece of art I am helping in a small way!”