Mandy Griffey receives 2012 Atkinson Achievement Award

Mandy Griffey of Oak Grove, Mo., is the 2012 Atkinson
Achievement recipient at William Woods University.

The Atkinson Achievement Award is given annually to the graduating senior who has
demonstrated the most growth as a rider and horseperson while at WWU. Her
improvement as a rider was recognized by the entire equestrian faculty.

A December 2011 graduate,
Griffey is now assistant
trainer for Ann Judge Wegener
Training Stables, home of Thunder, the Denver Bronco’s
mascot that is ridden
on the field at Mile High Stadium during
NFL celebrations.
“I observed first-hand her dedication
to learning and overwhelming desire to improve, not just a rider, but as an industry
professional,” Jennie Petterson, assistant professor of
equestrian studies, said in recognizing
“Never a student to get frustrated, she had an amazing
ability to ask the right questions and then seek out specific opportunities to
help herself improve. Her positive attitude and tireless nature made her not only a standout in any riding
class, but an outstanding horsewoman.”
She added, “With minimal exposure to the competitive world of
horse shows, Mandy left WWU having ridden reining horses, youngsters, show horses
of every conceivable breed and many retraining projects. She and I worked
together to start a WWU western horse in harness, and she
worked with a new donation in her applied
groundwork course.