Liberty in North Korea subject of film to be shown at WWU

William Woods University’s International Justice Mission
(IJM) is providing an opportunity for the WWU and Fulton communities to learn
more about bringing freedom to North Korea.  
The organization will show a documentary, “The People’s
Crisis,” at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 12, in the WWU Library Auditorium, presented by
the organization LiNK (Liberty in North Korea).
Kristen Withrow,
president of WWU International Justice Mission, gives a little history behind
the new student organization: “Our first president, Christina Warthan, founded
WWU International Justice Mission in the spring of 2011. She was incredibly
passionate about bringing justice to the people around the entire world, from
victims of human trafficking to families trapped in slavery in brick kilns to
children forced into sweat shops and armies.”
Withrow added, “She was our president throughout the coming
fall semester, but before Christmas break she accepted an internship as a nomad
with Liberty in North Korea. Leadership of WWU IJM was then passed on to me.
Since her departure, WWU IJM has maintained a close relationship with her, so
it seemed only fitting to invite LiNK to bring their People’s Tour here to
Both LiNK and WWU IJM follow a similar philosophy of freedom
and justice.  According to, “IJM
is a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual
exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators,
and aftercare professionals work with local officials to secure immediate
victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to ensure that
public justice systems-police, courts, and laws- effectively protect the poor.”
 “The People’s Crisis”
is a 54-minute documentary that was just released this year by LiNK. According
to LiNK’s summary of the film, “This documentary offers a comprehensive
overview of the North Korean people’s crisis, featuring interviews with North
Korean refugees who have escaped, their journey to freedom, expert analysis,
and insight into some of the little-known grass-roots changes that are
happening inside the country.”
Withrow explained that because of IJM’s limited budget as a
new student organization, they could not usually afford the high screening cost
of a tour like The People’s Tour.
“LiNK is so passionate about raising awareness for their
cause that they have agreed to come to WWU at no cost to WWU IJM. Therefore, at
every screening of “The People’s Crisis,” LiNK provides T-shirts, pins,
posters, DVDs, and other merchandise for purchase. This helps cover the cost of
bringing the tour to schools like ours, and all profits go towards LiNK’s
efforts to bring freedom to North Korea.”
Withrow believes that awareness is critical on issues of
justice and states that the role of IJM’s campus chapter is largely to raise
“Our generation can very feasibly bring an end to global
issues such as human trafficking and the need for clean water. Such radical
revolution begins with awareness. Once we have been made aware of a need, we,
as students, must decide if we will choose to join the fight for justice. Our
mission is to present students with this very choice, so that our generation is
without excuse.”
Withrow explained that North Korea is just one of many issues
that fall into this category.
 “If we fail to inform
our generation of these urgent needs, then we are at fault when they are not
resolved. At WWU IJM, we strive to provide not only the harsh facts of reality,
but also the bright ray of hope that we can have victory in these issues.”