Jefferson City Eighth-graders Experience College Life at WWU

it might be unusual for eight-graders to attend college, that’s just what
students from Lewis and Clark Middle School in Jefferson City did in April.
Twenty-three students experienced “A Day in the Life of a College Student” at
William Woods University.

is a great event that allows young students to gain a better understanding of
what college life is like,” said Whitney Guin, the admissions representative
who organized the event. “It gives them a chance to see that college is an
important piece of their future, but that it can also be fun.”
added, “I think it’s important to remember that before you know it, these
students will be high school juniors and seniors on the college search.”
on campus, the students took campus tours, attended a college planning
presentation, ate lunch in Tucker Dining Hall, learned the university’s fight
song and participated in a variety of breakout sessions of their choice.
Breakout sessions included classes in equestrian science, education, management
information systems and athletic training.
the end of the day, the students were asked to complete a survey about their
most interesting part of the day was learning more about the subject area I am
considering for my future,” said Abegail Hart.
really liked the tour so I could see what the college had to offer,” Lauren
Rector said.
McGinty said, “All the options that we can major and minor in are really cool
and a neat feature for the college.”
Mowack, who attended the break-out session in athletic training, said he found
it to be the most interesting. “I had never wrapped an ankle before and I was
able to learn how in the athletic training class. I really like the fact that
this is a small school and everyone was very friendly.”
I want to be a veterinarian, it would be cool to be more hands-on with the
animals,” said Katie Davis. “I loved the equestrian program!”
really enjoyed the tour, and the cafeteria food was amazing,” said Quiana
Young. Other students also remarked on the food at Tucker Dining Hall. “There
were so many options,” Adam Arand said, and Hannah Sears commented, “There was
a very good variety.”
admission representatives aspire to excite youth about their post-high school
future during “A Day in the Life of a College Student.”
the students from Lewis and Clark Middle School on campus was a joy. These
students were well behaved, respectful and curious. We loved hosting them and
look forward to doing this again in the future,” said Sarah Munns, dean of admissions.
is never too early to begin exploring colleges and we are thrilled to be able
to provide these students the experience of being a college student for a
Middle School students from Jefferson City gather around
Screech, the William Woods University mascot, during their visit to the WWU
Screech high-fives Carl Dement, a student from Lewis and
Clark Middle School.
Two Lewis and Clark Middle School
students snuggle up to Screech during their
visit to the WWU campus.