High Rankings Achieved in Ingram’s

William Woods University is ranked number 17 among top private colleges and universities in Missouri and Kansas and 12th among top MBA (master of business administration degree) programs in the two-state area, according to Ingram’s Magazine.

Ingram’s, a Kansas City business magazine, published the rankings in the 2003 edition of its annual Book of Leads & Lists. Both rankings were based on 2003 spring enrollment, which has been on an upward trend at WWU for nearly a dozen years.

Enrollment during the spring semester at William Woods was 2,081, compared to 1,699 a year ago. MBA enrollment this spring was 271. Both are expected to climb this fall.

“We began the fall 2002 semester with our largest class in the history of William Woods, and our incoming class looks even stronger than last year’s,” President Jahnae H. Barnett said. “Students from 45 states and 15 foreign countries diversified our campus climate.”

Noting that final figures won’t be known until closer to the start of school, Barnett said total enrollment at WWU is expected to exceed 3,000 for the 2003-04 academic year.

The five most popular undergraduate majors are the internationally recognized equestrian studies program, the American Sign Language Interpreting program (one of only 25 four-year programs in North America), business administration, education and communications.

On the graduate level, the master of education degree is the largest, but Ingram’s doesn’t rank M.Ed. programs. Barnett is especially proud of the MBA ranking in Ingram’s.

“For a 10-year-old program to be ranked number 12 in Missouri and Kansas is especially noteworthy, but William Woods University has an impressive history, with a tradition of excellence dating back more than 130 years,” Barnett said.

“I had no idea when we began the program in 1992 that we would be serving students throughout the entire state of Missouri and would have permanent facilities in Jefferson City and Columbia.”

Betsy Tutt, vice president and academic dean, added, “The fact that our enrollment continues to grow speaks volumes about our program. Since the inception of our Graduate and Adult Studies program, we have strived to meet the needs of working adults by offering progressive programs at convenient times and locations.”

In addition to the traditional MBA, which was first offered in 1993, students can choose an MBA with an emphasis in either accounting, health management or human resources.

“William Woods University is a leader when it comes to designing quality programs for nontraditional adult students. Everything we do here at WWU in our Graduate and Adult Studies program is specifically designed to help adults succeed in reaching their goals as efficiently as possible,” Tutt said.

In addition to the MBA programs, William Woods offers several other Graduate and Adult Studies programs, including an associate of arts degree in liberal studies, the ACCESS program of general education, a bachelor of science in management, a bachelor of science in computer and information management, a master of education (M.Ed.) in both administration and in curriculum/instruction and a specialist of education in school administration.

To learn more about the William Woods University, go to www.williamwoods.edu, call 800-995-3159 or e-mail admissions@williamwoods.edu. For Graduate and Adult Studies programs, call 800-995-3199 or contact WWU by e-mail at cgas@williamwoods.edu.