Fulton State Hospital psychologist speaks to abnormal psychology class at WWU

Dr. Marc Maddox, the
forensic coordinator and psychology director at Fulton State Hospital, spoke to
the William Woods University Oct. 7 and 12. He was invited by Dr. Caroline
Boyer-Ferhat, assistant professor psychology.

He discussed the
hospital’s role in the legal system, and described the differences between
“not guilty by reason of mental defect or disease” and
“incompetent to stand trial.” He also discussed many of the
misconceptions about what happens to these individuals once they are admitted
into the hospital.
During the second
session, he discussed the treatment programs that are used for individuals with
schizophrenic and borderline personality disorder diagnoses, and discussed what
a typical day at the hospital would look like.
Elizabeth Cato, a senior
psychology major, commented, “Having a professional from the Fulton State
Hospital visit our class was a great experience!  Dr. Maddox was extremely informative and gave
us a solid idea of what goes on inside mental health institutions.”

She added, “His stories illustrated the positives and
negatives of working in that kind of environment, and it was all very
fascinating. We discussed such things as his role in the court systems in
determining whether mentally ill patients could stand trial and his experiences
with the individual patients in the hospital setting.”