Fulton Orientation for CIM Program

William Woods University’s Graduate & Adult Studies (G&AS) program is planning an orientation for Fulton area residents interested in pursuing a degree-completion program in computer information management (CIM) Thursday, Feb. 21.

Entrance into the CIM program requires a minimum of two years’ professional experience, preferably in an information technology area. It is a 42-semester-hour program developed specifically for full-time working adults seeking to further their knowledge in the area of information technology and information management.

Successful completion of the CIM program prepares people for a variety of the more than half a million entry-level computer information management positions that are now available.

Employing a model of accelerated learning developed especially for the convenience of the working adult, the CIM program is structured so that a degree can be completed in as few as 18 months.

To better fit the schedules of the ever-busy G&AS students, classes meet once a week in the evening for four hours. Study groups can meet once more to prepare projects and assignments before the upcoming week.

“With the teamwork approach of using study groups and projects within the cohort model, students can draw on a greater pool of ideas, and they have the opportunity to learn quickly that the effectiveness of one person can be greatly enhanced by utilizing the other members of the group,” said Betty R. Tutt, associate provost for extended studies.

Because of the nature of programming—focusing effort on one course at a time—75 to 90 percent of all students finish their program successfully. Each course normally runs five to 10 weeks in length.

“William Woods University is a leader when it comes to designing quality programs for nontraditional adult students. Everything we do here at WWU in our Graduate & Adult Studies program is specifically designed to help adults succeed in reaching their goals as efficiently as possible,” said Tutt.

Non-traditional students reflect a growing national trend as more full-time working adults realize the value of maintaining a sustained involvement in higher education. Many adult students recognize that they need additional education either to advance in their current positions or to change careers.

To learn more about William Woods University’s CIM program or other Graduate & Adult Studies programs, contact WWU by e-mail at cgas@williamwoods.edu, by fax at (573) 592-1164 or by phone at 1-800-995-3199.