Fulton Colleges Fund Drive set to kick off

FCF_BOA_LogoThe Fulton Colleges Fund Board of Associates has awarded $52,000 in scholarships to Callaway County students attending either Westminster College or William Woods University this fall. Soon the drive to raise funds for 2015 scholarships will kick off.

This year, each donor is being asked to consider a 10 percent increase in their gift over last year’s contribution. This increase will help the board reach the 2015 goal, which again is $52,000.

Organizers will begin the 2015 Fulton Colleges Fund Drive at 5 p.m. Thursday (Aug. 21) with an after-hours event for volunteers in the lobby of the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts at William Woods University. Volunteers will report their results at a noon lunch Aug. 28 in the Jones-Marsh Dining Room at Mueller Leadership Hall on the Westminster College campus.

Volunteers will call on area businesses and individuals during the week. Their goal is to raise as much money as possible to benefit Callaway County students who attend the two local colleges.

“For over 50 years, the Fulton Board of Associates and the Fulton Colleges Fund have assisted Callaway County students in their pursuit of higher education at William Woods University or Westminster College,” Jody Paschal, the organization’s president, said.

“To stay relevant in this ever-changing world, and to meet the growing need for financial assistance, the Fulton Board of Associates and the Fulton Colleges Fund joined forces, forming the Fulton Colleges Scholarship Fund. We may have a new name and look, but our goals, ideals and passion are still the same.”

He added, “I will share a quote from the show Hello Dolly, ‘Money is like manure, it’s only good if it’s being spread around helping young things to grow.’ So please help the young minds of Callaway County grow, by giving generously to the Fulton Colleges Scholarship Fund.”

In a continuing effort to provide assistance to students in Callaway County, the Board of Associates last year increased the number of scholarships it provides. This year, 24 scholarships, totaling $52,000, were provided: eight at the $1,500 level, eight at the $2,000 level and eight at the $3,000 level.

Scholarship recipients attending William Woods University are Kadie Atterberry, Bailey Borman, Sam Debrodie, Hanna Glover, Austin Johnson, Hannah Lechner, Haley McGrath, Brett Metcalf, Alicia Owens, Amanda Queen, Sarah Williams and Katy Zuroweste.

Those attending Westminster College are William Abbott, Anna Ahlvin, Jantzen Bradford, Malisa Chaidez, Adam Clay, Derrick Coffelt, Kylie Ferro, Jessica Klutts, Chase Roberts, Guthrie Shipp, Scott Strough and Dillon Williams.

The Fulton Colleges Board of Associates has sponsored an annual fund drive to secure local support for Westminster and William Woods since the fall of 1967. Each year, more than 80 volunteers lend their time, calling on businesses and individual contributors. Very few communities of comparable size show this type of dedication and commitment.

“In lieu of the Challenge Donor we have honored in the past, I am pleased to announce that we have established the Platinum Level of giving for 2014,” said Paschal. “This allows us to recognize donors who have contributed $5,000 and up for 2014 to provide a head start on this year’s drive. At the Platinum Level, as of Aug. 8, we recognize The Callaway Bank and Ameren.”

In addition to the Platinum Level, donors who give $2,500 to $4,999 will be recognized as Gold Donors in next year’s campaign brochure. Those giving $1,000 to $2,499 will be recognized as Silver Donors.

Contributions of any amount are welcome for the Fulton Colleges Fund. For more information, contact Brenda Foster at William Woods (brenda.foster@williamwoods.edu). or Dianne Lowry at Westminster (dianne.lowry @westminster-mo.edu).

To be considered for the scholarships in coming years, Callaway County students must be accepted to Westminster College or William Woods University and meet all appropriate scholarship criteria. Interested students should contact Sarah Munns at William Woods University (sarah.munns@williamwoods.edu) or Aimee Bristow at Westminster College (aimee.bristow @westminster-mo.edu).

Scholarships are awarded in the spring for the following fall. The Fulton Colleges Board of Associates is not involved in selecting the recipients.