Fulton Colleges Fund Drive kicks off

The Fulton Colleges Fund Board of
Associates kicked off their annual fund drive Monday, a drive that this year
is providing of $52,000 in scholarships
to Callaway County students
attending Westminster College or
William Woods University.
Organizers began the drive with an after-hours
event on the Aldridge patio at William Woods University. Volunteers will report their results at
a noon lunch Friday
in the
Jones-Marsh Dining Room, on the Westminster College campus. 
Volunteers will call on
area businesses and individuals during the week. Their goal is to
raise as much money as possible to benefit Callaway
County students who attend
Westminster or William Woods.
The Board of Associates
connects Callaway County with
William Woods University and Westminster College by
providing hundreds of scholarships that have
enabled local students
to attend the two institutions.
“For more than 50
years, donors to the Fulton Colleges Fund Drive have
realized the value of the quality education Westminster College and
William Woods University provide to their students,”
Nicole Elliott Bartley, BOA president, said.  “The Fulton Colleges Board of
Associates greatly appreciates your support to provide important financial
assistance to these local high school students who choose to
pursue higher education in our
In a continuing
effort to provide assistance to students in Callaway County, the Board of Associates
has increased the number of scholarships it provides. This
year, 24 scholarships, totaling $52,000,
were offered.     
The Fulton Colleges Board of Associates
has sponsored an annual fund drive to secure local support
for Westminster and William Woods since the fall
of 1967. Each year more than 80
volunteers lend their time,
calling on businesses and individual contributors.
Very few communities of comparable
size show this type of dedication and commitment.  The money raised is
divided equally between the two
institutions, and the gifts help fund scholarships for outstanding students in Callaway County.
Students receiving scholarships at
William Woods University for 2013-2014 are: Kadie
Atterberry, Paige Baysinger, Danielle Beaver, Ashley Brown, Brittany Clingman, Samantha
DeBrodie, Ashley Gross, Stormey Hug, Symone Hurd, Haley McGrath, Kayle Weghorst
and Sarah Williams.
Scholarship recipients for
Westminster College are: Jake
Abbott, Travis Barnett, Morgan Brown Emmons, Malisa Chaidez, Kirsten Dungan,
Joe Garwood, Jessica Klutts, Andrew Rodruguez, Guthrie Shipp, Paul Sterner,
Scott Strough and Dillon Williams.
Contributions of any amount are welcome for the Fulton
Colleges Fund. In addition anyone can join the Fulton Colleges Board of Associates.
Annual dues are $40 for a single membership or $75 per couple. For more
information, contact Brenda Foster at William Woods (brenda.foster@williamwoods.edu)
or Susi Wilson at Westminster (susi.wilson@westminster-mo.edu).
To be considered for the
scholarships in coming years, Callaway County students must be accepted to
Westminster College or William Woods University and meet all appropriate
scholarship criteria.
Students interested in applying for
the Fulton Colleges Board of Associates Scholarship should contact Sarah Munns at
William Woods University  (sarah.munns@williamwoods.edu) or
Aimee Bristow at Westminster College (aimee.bristow @westminster-mo.edu)
  Scholarships are awarded in the spring
for the following fall.  


Barney Forsythe, president of
Westminster College, and
Jahnae H. Barnett, president of
William Woods University, thank Nicole Elliott Bartley, president of Board of
Associates Fulton Colleges Fund, for her leadership in the fundraising drive that benefits
students of both schools.
Volunteers (left to right) David Shively, Leroy Benton, Joe
Holt, Charlie James and Tom Christensen look over their packets
and talk strategy for the Fulton Colleges Fund Drive.
Nicole Elliott Bartley, president of Board of
Associates Fulton Colleges Fund, addresses volunteers gathered at the kick-off of the
Fulton Colleges Fund Drive Monday