Freshman Advantage Gives Students a Head Start on College

William Woods University is offering a three-week summer program, called Freshman Advantage, for students who want to get a jump-start on college. The program runs July 12-30 on the WWU campus.


Freshman Advantage is open to first-time college freshmen. It is designed to aid students in the transition from high school to college. This year 55 students are expected in the seventh year of the program, which is directed and taught by WWU faculty members.


Through the program, students will earn eight common studies credit hours in courses such as math, college writing, art, film studies, speech and psychology. Courses added this year are “1968: The Year that Changed the World” and “Intro to Leadership.”


Earning credit hours during the summer is helpful for those students focused on academics, who want to double major, who want to graduate early or those who simply want an introduction to college course work.


Brenda Folak, a sophomore from Crystal Lake, Ill., participated in Freshman Advantage last summer.


“I’m so glad I got the chance to be a part of Freshman Advantage,” Folak said. “It was nice to have a preview of what college was going to be like. My favorite part was developing friendships with the upperclassmen, so when I got to campus I had friends other than the freshmen I became close with.”


She added, “With it being my first time away from home and away from my friends and family, I developed a solid foundation with my school work and new friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity of Freshmen Advantage because I felt as if my feet were already planted when I got to school, and I wasn’t so overwhelmed with the excitement.”


In addition to classes, Freshman Advantage participants will have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as movie nights, barbeques and weekend trips to Six Flags.


This year 11 mentors will assist the participants by tutoring, leading weekend activities and serving as community advisors in the residence halls. The mentors are selected by Freshman Advantage faculty through an application and interview process.


Selected to be mentors this summer are:

·         David Ridenour of Montgomery City, Mo.

·         Dan Anderson of Jefferson City, Mo.

·         Erin White of Punta Gorda, Fla.

·         Aaron Griffin Jefferson City, Mo.

·         Elise Fumagalli of Washington, Mo

·         Frankie Hart of Lee’s Summit, Mo

·         Katherine Wortmann of Mexico, Mo.

·         Liza Payne of Zionsville, Ind.

·         Bryan Temme of Hermann, Mo.

·         Jason Rose of Louisburg, Kan.

·         Lucas Watson of Louisiana, Mo.


For more information about Freshman Advantage go to or contact Dr. Aimee Sapp at (573) 592-4391 or