Fourth-graders take ‘road trip’ at WWU to learn math concepts

Fourth-graders from Fulton elementary schools were invited on
a road trip through Missouri in April. Their tour guides were students majoring
in education at William Woods University.

The road trip was actually a math fair conducted by
pre-service students enrolled in the course “Teaching Elementary
Mathematics.”  They put together stations
designed to help the youngsters review math concepts prior to the
administration of the MAP test.
Pre-service teachers have studied the Grade Level
Expectations and designed activities to review these concepts. They completed
their activities 25-30 times with different groups of students
throughout the day. 
“This gives them an opportunity to practice teaching
skills, such as checking for background knowledge; differentiation, motivation,
classroom management, reflection, flexibility, creating engaging activities and
assessment,” said Shari Means, assistant professor of education and
director of student teaching and clinical experiences. 
She added, “Pre-service teachers were excited to build
the confidence levels of the local fourth-graders and motivate them to want to
excel on the MAP test.”
Tony Hansel and Alyson Mongler work math concepts into their
station “Touring Branson.”
Torrie Buehne uses a Cardinals game to illustrate math to
elementary school students.