FBLA District Conference to be at WWU Friday

William Woods University will host the Future Business
Leaders of America (FBLA) District Two Competition Feb. 22. Approximately 450 students from 17 surrounding areas will be on campus for the contest.
FBLA is a national organization for high school students that
prepares them for the “real world” in business. 
FBLA members are able to get the edge in business necessary to succeed
in college and career success. 
Registration begins at 7:30 a.m., and the competition is over
at 1 p.m.  Students will compete in
various categories, and when they are not competing they will attend breakout
sessions hosted by the university.
When the students are not presenting they have the
opportunity to get a campus tour, visit the stables, talk to professors, visit
with current students and tie-dye t-shirts. 
“This is the first year we have had the competition here, and
William Woods has really bent over backwards for us. They have been awesome
helping with the workshops for students, and we are very grateful to them,”
Gina McLachlan, business education teacher and FBLA adviser at Fulton High
School, said.
Students can compete in 50 different categories, including accounting,
finance and sports management.  Competitions
are in various formats, such as written tests, computer skills tests and hands-on
skills tests in production and reports. 
Group competition will be held in sections like management and
marketing. Students will be given a scenario and be required to make a business
plan.  Presentations will be seven minutes
long with a three-minute Q&A immediately following.
Winners will be announced at the closing ceremony at 1 p.m.  One person or group in each category will be
chosen to continue on to state competition.