Eighth-graders experience a day in the life of a WWU student

Forty eighth-grade students
recently fast-forwarded five years to experience life as college students
at William Woods University.

Students from Lewis and Clark Middle School in Jefferson City, Mo., participated
in the program, which was
implemented through the partnership of the Lewis and Clark Community
Partnerships Committee and
William Woods University.
“I thought it was an amazing day,” their teacher, Crystal Riggs, said. “The students really enjoyed
learning about what college life is like.”
While on campus, the students took campus tours, attended a college planning
presentation, ate lunch in Tucker Dining
Hall, learned the university’s fight song and participated in a variety of
breakout sessions of their choice.
Breakout sessions included classes in athletic
training, American Sign
Language interpreting, art, biology, education, equine studies and management
information systems.  Each student was
taught a skill, like taping ankles for those interested in athletic training.
“It was really cool because we got
to learn how to do some sign language,” said student Alexis Becks.
A Day in the Life of a
College Student
is a new program at William Woods University. Admissions representatives aspire
to excite youth about their post-high school future.
“Instead of waiting until high school, we
encourage our middle school students
to begin exploring their career
paths as young adults,”
Debra Kaiser, eighth-grade counselor, said.
“Through this opportunity students will realize the
importance of using their high school
experience to prepare for their future
career field.”     
The program rewards students for their
outstanding achievement during the school year and
allows them to explore what life is like on a college campus.
“All of the people were
really nice and they weren’t strict about everything,” said student Mikel
To participate in the program,
the students used their written
communication skills to complete an application
for selection. After reviewing the applications, the teachers selected 40
students to experience life at The Woods.
the eighth-graders from Lewis and Clark Middle School on campus
was such an enjoyable experience,” Sarah Munns, dean of
admissions, said. “These students were incredibly engaged and curious about the
college process.
We loved giving them a taste of college life via
‘A day in a life as a college student’
and hope to make this an annual event.”
Lewis and Clark Middle School
eighth-graders pose for a group photo while visiting William Woods University.
Lydia Allen makes a new friend during her visit to William
Woods University.
Kierra Lindsey, McKensi Henderson, Camryn
Charlton and Cayce Heiberger enjoy their visit to
the WWU stables.