Ducks Help William Woods Market to Students

William Woods University ducks demand attention on the university’s undergraduate recruitment web site:

The web site won a merit award in the 22nd Annual Admissions Advertising Awards Competition. The contest is sponsored by Admissions Marketing Report, the national newspaper of admissions marketing.

The web site also was featured in an article in the newsletter, Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education, which cited it as “an excellent example of an effective companion web site.”

According to the article, “This is a site set up by an institution that has entertaining content with the look and feel of a casual meeting place. Visitors can still find lots of information about the institution, but video clips, audio segments, games and fictional characters replace the multi-layered pages of lengthy text normally associated with a university web site.”

Scott Gallagher, vice president of university advancement, commented, “ has been a tremendous success. While it has been an innovative way for William Woods University to promote the university to prospective students, has also been a hit with the campus community.”