Drunk driving victim to speak at WWU

Marcus Engel, whose life was dramatically
altered by a drunk driver, will share his story
of survival and perseverance at William Woods University Monday, March 5.

Engel will speak at 7 p.m. in Cutlip Auditorium
of the McNutt Campus Center at WWU. The event, which is part of
the President’s
Concert and Lecture Series, is free and open to the public.
A professional speaker and author, Engel
inspires and empowers audiences nationwide. His
extraordinary account of recovery after being blinded and catastrophically
injured challenges individuals to achieve success by making intelligent
It was a normal autumn night in Engel’s freshman
year of college when he and some friends went out for a bite to eat after
catching a hockey game. It was a night that changed his life forever.
A drunk driver, traveling at
twice the speed limit, ran a red light and slammed
into the car
Engel was riding in. When he awoke
in the hospital,
he was severely injured and could no longer see. It was then that he vowed to
return to college as soon as possible.
The Missouri native achieved
his goal of returning to college a mere
two years later. Now a graduate of Missouri State University,
he is working on a Master of Science
degree from Columbia University in New York City.
Engel is the author of two
books: his autobiography, “After This”¦.An Inspirational Journey for all the
Wrong Reasons” and “The Other End of the Stethoscope,” a book about the
dedication and compassion of healthcare
He continues to be active in such
organizations as the Seeing
Eye, the oldest organization for the training of Seeing Eye dogs; Mothers
Against Drunk Driving (MADD);
and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).
“We decided to invite Marcus to campus because one of
our students heard him speak and was impressed with his ability to communicate
with the audience and give encouragement on working through obstacles to gain
success,” said Brenda Foster, community development officer and member of the President’s
Concert and Lecture Series Committee.
“There is no
doubt that someone in the campus
community has experienced, or a family member or friend has experienced, the
tragedy of a vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver,” explained Foster.
Not only did Engel accept and
embrace the challenge, but the life lessons he learned are now the guiding
forces that inspire
hundreds of thousands every day. He
travels the country speaking at various colleges and universities about his
experiences and how they changed his life. His keynote speech
revolves around the theme of “change the things you can,” words that were spoken
to him by his high school principal.
“Change the things you can. We’re all going to have adversity
come our way. That’s just
life. But we also have power and the ability to control how we
view that adversity,”
Engel says.
For more information on Engel’s program at WWU, contact
Foster at 573-592-4219 or Brenda.foster@williamwoods.edu.