Drunk Driving Simulation Scheduled

William Woods University students, faculty and staff will soon be able to experience first-hand how alcohol impacts driving skills.

The Save a Life Tour, a state-of-the-art, interactive drunk driving simulation, will be at WWU’s McNutt Campus Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 9.

According to promoters, the experience “has potential to be life altering and life saving.” They also hope it will be educational and entertaining.

“By allowing students and others to witness first-hand the devastating effects of driving under the influence of alcohol, we hope we can impact their decision making,” Chandra Daffer, director of Greek life and student involvement at WWU, said. “If we can save even one life with this demonstration, it will be worth it.”

The drunk driving simulator incorporates the same technology that is used for training at the nation’s top military and law enforcement institutions. The level of impairment is based upon nationally recognized formulas of body weight and number of drinks.

Participants drive in a totally interactive environment with a true 225-degree field of vision, force feedback, steering, seat movement, digitally recorded/produced sounds and fully textured 3D graphics with shading and lighting effects.

No two drives are the same. The driver spontaneously determines the route in more than 100 miles of roadway, surrounded by intelligent yet unpredictable traffic and randomly selected environmental settings for time of day and weather conditions.

The event is sponsored by Alpha Phi sorority, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Campus Activities Board and the Community Life office.