Constitution Day to be Observed at William Woods

William Woods
University will observe Constitution Day on Friday with a discussion of
constitutional rights.

Constitution Day
is a federal observance to recognize and celebrate the document that serves as
a framework for the U.S. government. The Constitution was signed Sept. 17,
1787, in Philadelphia, Pa.
Cynthia Kramer,
professor of legal studies, will discuss the practical application of constitutional
rights at noon Friday, Sept. 16, in the Model Courtroom. Her presentation will focus
on American’s rights given by the Constitution, specifically regarding
interactions with law enforcement.
Kramer said, “It is very pertinent to all students as it will
discuss how to protect your rights when you are stopped by the police in your
car, if the police show up at your house, or anytime you have an encounter with
law enforcement.”
She added, “Students need to respect and exercise their constitutional
rights, or those rights are meaningless.”