Community Invited to Create “Whirlwind” with WWU Art Students

With all the politics leading up to the election Nov. 2, William Woods University art students are encouraging the public to join them two days later in recovering from the election by embracing nature and enjoying art.

Both WWU students and the community are invited to assist art students in the creation of a seasonal motif. Autumn leaves will be collected, painted and assembled to create a piece titled “Whirlwind.”

Under the direction of Terry Martin, WWU professor of art, the art students have already been busy preparing the painted leaves. However, the help of the community is needed to assemble the “Whirlwind.”

On Thursday, Nov. 4, everyone is welcome to come to the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to select a painted leaf. Velcro has been attached to the back of the leaves, so that you can choose your leaf and place it right on the wall.

The collage will start with a winter mood and progress towards a summer mood. This surreal image will truly be a “Whirlwind” of colors, by manipulating of the natural color of the leaves and the placement of them on the wall.

Martin is eagerly anticipating this experimental art installation. He said, “Our goal is to witness the creation of a large work of art by a large group of people and, in the process, celebrate art, creativity and the changing seasons.”

Regardless of your artistic abilities, this is an event for everyone to participate in and enjoy the beautiful colors of the season. For more information, contact Martin at (573) 592-4373.