College Mementoes of 1927 Graduate Given to WWU

College beanies, yearbooks and a dance card are among some of the things relatives of a 1927 William Woods University graduate have given to WWU.

The alumna, Mary Agatha Gavin Gunn, was born in 1907 in Lexington, Mo., and died in 2002 in Denver. Before her death, she gave a financial contribution to her alma mater, which was a two-year junior college at the time she attended.

Recently, Mike and Barb Mayer of Columbia gathered some of her college mementoes and donated them to William Woods.

“Mary always spoke fondly about her years at William Woods,” they said in a letter to the school. “She enjoyed the friends she made and felt the education she received was superior. . .Mary would be very happy to know that her yearbooks and freshman beanies have returned to whence they came. William Woods held a special place in her heart all of her life.”

The 1927 yearbook was especially significant because Gunn was editor-in-chief. She also was a member of Athena, Madrigal and Religious Eddies. After receiving an associate of arts degree at William Woods, she went on to earn a teaching degree at what was then Central Missouri State Teachers’ College.

Her mementoes donated to WWU include a 1927 commencement program, a 1926 report card, a letter from her college “big sister,” a letter of invitation to join the Athena Education Club and three “official call down” slips (two for “cutting Madrigal” and one for “absent breakfast.”