College for Kids a time for exploration at William Woods University

Campers enjoy tie dying shirts during College for Kids 2014.
Campers enjoy tie dying shirts during College for Kids 2014.

For many children in grades three through nine, summer can be a time of sleeping, lounging around and goofing off. Not so for youngsters attending College for Kids, which started this week on the campus of William Woods University.

For the last 27 years, gifted students have chosen to use their summer to enhance their education and explore the abilities of their mind at College for Kids: A Summer Exploration, Inc. They will learn about Colorful Chemistry, Chinese Art, Bridge Building, Mystery Religions and a plethora of other topics.

This year’s theme for the summer residential program is Renaissance. As part of team- building activities, students will build catapults and castles.

Three sessions will be offered: June 14-19 for approximately 100 students in third and fourth grade, June 21-26 for approximately 140 students in fifth and sixth grade and July 5-11 for approximately 140 students in seventh through ninth grade.

“Everything we do from time up in morning to bedtime is a learning activity,” Sue Craghead, director of College for Kids, said, explaining that even the fun t-shirtactivities all serve a purpose.

The staff strive to create a learning environment where each participant studies topics at an accelerated pace, learns at a high level and experiences a college environment.

“William Woods is a great and safe environment for our camp,” Craghead said. “We love that the campus has no outside streets and is well protected from the public.”

CK sessions address current issues and problems using a higher level of thinking. Class curriculum encourages awareness of, and respect for, thought differences among academic peers. The CK experience also allows students to explore different academic content and methodologies.

A youngster launches a rocket during last year’s College for Kids.
A youngster launches a rocket during last year’s College for Kids.

Blast off with Rocket Science is one of the classes being held during Session I. Other morning classes include Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate; Colorful Chemistry; Cultures of the World; Demolition Derby; Kinetic Art; Record Breaking, CK Style; Space the Final Frontier; and Wilderness Survival Challenge.

Session I afternoon classes include Be Your Own Boss; Bridge Building; Bringing Great Characters to Life; CK News; Confusion Illusion; Create in 3-D; Dream Zoo; Fit for Life; and How does THAT work?

Crimes and Clues will be offered during Session II, along with Architecture Design; Bag It; Blast Off II; Chinese Art; Demolition Derby; Dystopian Futures; Mad Scientists Unite; Mathematical Revelation Revolution; Myths, Monsters and More; Unexplained Phenomenon; and When the Whole World was at War.

Egypt-o-mania, Mummies, Magic and More will be part of Session II afternoon classes, as well as Babysitting; Bridge Building; Calling All Thespians; CK News; Confusion Illusion Squared; Drafting and Design; Fit for Life; Game On; Innovative Engineering; and Operation Anyone?

During Session III, Musical Theatre: Singing, Acting and Dancing Through Life will be offered. Other morning classes include A Book of Art; Abnormal Psychology; Chemistry of Food; Crimes and Clues; Digital Photography; Mathematical Revelation Revolution; Mock Trial; Mystery Religions; Persuasion: Debate Forums; Vet for a Week; Welcome to the Mother Brain; and Philosophy.

Session III afternoon classes include 16 Bars; ACT Math Prep; American Sign Language; Architecture Design; CK News; Games are Always Fun; Mind Games;

During last year’s College for Kids, students gather to conduct a science experiment.
During last year’s College for Kids, students gather to conduct a science experiment.

Painting from Scratch; Sneak Peek at the World of Medical Science; Who was King Arthur?; and Words Like Music.

The physical needs of the students also are addressed at College for Kids, with time reserved for physical exercise in various classes and during recreation time.

Volunteerism is another important aspect of College for Kids.

“During our summer sessions we focus on volunteerism; helping the community, family and friends,” Craghead said. We teach them it is important to be a part of the world, make their mark on the world and to stay happy while threating others like you would like to be treated.”

College for Kids provides an opportunity for gifted students to learn and socialize with their intellectual peers—peers who share their interests and abilities. Craghead said the friendships and learning make kids want to return to College for Kids year after year.

“Students make lifelong friends and keep connections for the rest of their lives,” she said.

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