Asian students prepare traditional lunch at WWU

East met west recently
when nine Asian students
prepared lunch for some of their teachers
and others at William Woods University.
“The luncheon was a tradition with students up
through 2009 and was revived last year with a little twist,” said Melinda McEwen, their ESL (English as Second Language) instructor. 

“Instead of just being
a luncheon hosted by the students for their facilitators, the preparation for the luncheon, as well as
the meal itself, became an English as Second Language activity.”

The students, some from Taiwan and some
from China, prepared
dishes representing Asian and American cuisine.
For appetizers, they served cold pickle appetizer and spicy tofu, as well as
toasted ravioli and egg salad.
The Asian specialty
dishes included liang mein, dumplings, fried rice, marinated pork and Taiwan kambo
chicken, along with American favorites, St.
Louis style pizza, French fries, Kansas City barbeque
shredded pork, baked potato casserole
and omelet.
Dessert consisted of sesame rice ball and coconut drop cookies, layered
jello cake and cupcakes. The Asian drink was
milk tea, while the American drink
was pink lemonade.
“Students created every aspect of the meal based
only on a theme I provided to them,” McEwen said.  “This year’s theme, ‘East Meets West,’ showcased the students’ favorite Asian and American dishes. 
Not only did the international students plan and prepare the
meal, but they created the invitations, menu and decorations.
“The students chose the Cherry Blossom as a
traditional Asian flower to represent the East and the Dogwood for the west,” McEwen said.
Asian students
pose with some of the dishes they prepared at William Woods University. Front
row: Hung-Yi Shen
(Henry), Yu-Ju Liu (Iris), Mark Lai, Xia Gu (Eva), Ching-Lung Wu (Ching) and back
row:  I-Han, Chen (Ryan) , Shen-Cong Ma (Edward),
Chin-Cheng Chiu (Sven), Shuo-Tong Wu (S.T.)