Anti-trafficking Organizer to Speak at WWU

David Peterka, director of When The Saints, an
anti-trafficking organization, will speak at William Woods University Tuesday,
Feb. 12, in the Library Auditorium. His speech is sponsored by WWU’s
International Justice Mission. It is free and open to the public.

A Missouri native, Peterka, founded the non-profit
organization in November 2010. His passion is to bring awareness to the issues
of extreme poverty and social injustices around the world, and to help teach
churches the roles they can play to combat it.
organization’s goal is to defend, rescue and maintain the rights of the weak,
poor and oppressed. The focus is on those forced into prostitution and sexually
exploited in Malawi, southeast Africa.
are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today and it is said that 70-80
percent are sex slaves. According to Unicef, a
girl is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation every two minutes.
Her average age is 13.
Peterka is the missions director at his local church
and is also a child advocate through
Compassion International, helping
children find sponsors. Although he is in his mid-20s, he has extensive
“hands-on” experience and has been an advocate for social injustice issues for more
than six years.
In the fall of 2011, he graduated from St. Louis
Christian College with a Christian Ministries degree and emphasis in intercultural
and urban missions.
The dream of When the Saints is to see Africans minister to
Africans and to utilize resources from within the country as much as possible. The
organization does not wish to promote dependency as a result of a hand out, but
rather seek to empower through sustainability.
The organization actively seeks to
partner with foreign and local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well
as churches of any denomination to oversee on the ground services and
operations, which fall within the mission of When the Saints.

When the Saints founder, David Peterka, with a
hitchhiking chameleon.

This girl is from Kayunga, Uganda, and was
sexually abused when she was younger. Sadly, every two minutes, a girl like
this one is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the world.