Ambulance district, WWU sign education agreement

Graduates of the Callaway County Ambulance
paramedic program can further their education
at William Woods University under a new agreement.

The agreement will provide 28
hours of college credit
to individuals who graduate from
CCAD’s program after Feb. 1, 2012, and are
admitted to WWU as either part-time for full-time
These credits count as 13 hours of general
education credits and 15 hours of elective credits. Students can choose to
pursue any of WWU’s majors.
Dr. Tom
Frankman, transfer
coordinator, is happy to provide an opportunity to graduates of the intensive
training program.
“It certainly helps individuals in the
community,” he said. “It recognizes the training and work they have
done and gives them opportunity to do the college work
close to their county.”
According to Kelly Drennan, training officer, the agreement will greatly benefit
graduates of the program, as it will become not
only a certification, but also the stepping-stone toward a
possible university degree.
Drennan explained that without the
agreement, paramedic program graduates who decided to
pursue a university education would have to
start from square one.
Through this agreement with WWU, however, CCAD has ensured that students
won’t have to do that.
The paramedic certification program is a rigorous program that requires
many hours in the classroom
and out in the field.
“It’s very labor
intensive … and its great that WWU agreed
to this because we’re
both located here and it
helps us and I think, in the long run,
it will benefit WWU and
the students as well,”
Drennan said.