Academic alliance saves university funds, provides students with software

An academic alliance now allows William Woods University students
to use cutting-edge Microsoft software in the comfort of their own rooms.

Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)
provides software to universities and to students at a fraction of the retail
cost. It makes it easier and less expensive for academic institutions to obtain
Microsoft developer tools, platforms and servers for instructional and research
The Management Information Systems department, on the advice
of Murphy Tetley, MIS instructor, subscribed to the Designer Academic Alliance
last year. It encompasses 11 software programs to be used in the visual,
illustration, design and art departments. The subscription, which costs $399
per year, has already saved the university $8,000.
Before purchasing this software, MIS students had to use WWU
computers where the Adobe software was installed, or purchase their own. Now,
students who are enrolled in an MIS class can check the software out from Tetley,
download it onto their personal computers and use it whenever they want.
“I had looked at it three years ago, and it was more
expensive and didn’t offer as much. When I looked at it again in the fall of
2010, I realized it was a no-brainer,” said Tetley. “The university was paying $399
per computer for the Adobe Suite of software.”
Approximately 30 students have already taken advantage of
MSDNAA’s software and downloaded it to their personal computers.
“Anytime we can make the learning process more convenient, we
are bound to see better results,” said Dr. Linda Davis, professor of MIS, “Students
can now work on assignments 24/7 and having the software available to each of
them for free is a huge benefit.”